Healthy Stocks and Soups Recipes



Healthy stocks are best if they are homemade as we can make sure they only use all natural ingredients without any preservatives or additives.  They can also be economical as you just need to just utilize any leftovers or scraps that you intend to throw away.  Stocks provides a good foundation for all types of gravies, sauces, stews or soups.  Healthy stocks can be made by using healthy ingredients such as vegetables.




Soups have always been appealing because they are quick and easy to prepare, economical, convenient, healthy, nutritious and delicious.  Nothing also beats a bowl of steaming home-made soup on a cold winter's day.  Soups are also very versatile.  They can be served as the first course of a meal set, as part of the main meal (all meals are served at once on the dining table for Asians) or even as a main dish by itself where you can just simply add in some noodles or eat with some cooked rice or bread.


If healthy ingredients are used in your soups, they can turn into healthy effective weapons that can help in warding off winter colds and reducing the risk of many ailments such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, etc.  They are also perfect for the very young, the sick or the elderly who encounters problem digesting or chewing food and for those who has lost their appetites.


Stocks and Soups Recipes

  1. Allergy-free Pasta and Bean Soup Recipe

  2. Cancer-fighting ABC Soup Recipe

  3. Cancer-fighting Clear Fish Soup Recipe

  4. Cancer-fighting Dried Bean Curd Soup Recipe

  5. Cancer-fighting Onion Soup Recipe

  6. Cancer-fighting Seaweed Miso Soup Recipe

  7. Cancer-fighting Tangy Red Bean Soup Recipe

  8. Chicken Stock Recipe

  9. Diabetic Garlic Soup Recipe

  10. Diabetic Green Pea, Spinach andi Chicken Soup Recipe

  11. Diabetic Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

  12. High-fiber Guava and Pork Soup Recipe

  13. Longevity Okinawan Japanese Eggplant Miso Soup Recipe



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