Diet Tips - Foods for a Low-fat Diet

It is highly recommended to reduce the amount of fatty foods in our meals to avoid becoming overweight or obese.  Overweight and obesity can also increase the potential risk of getting coronary heart disease.

In recent years, overweight and obesity has become common causes of chronic and major illnesses in our society.


Fat and heart disease


Recent studies shows that 1 in 3 Americans are diagnosed with certain forms of heart disease such as stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure and high blood pressure.  Those factors which seem to make some people more likely to develop heart diseases includes:

  • high blood pressure

  • high levels of cholesterol

  • overweight

  • stress or tension

  • lack of regular exercises

  • cigarette smoking

  • heredity

The potential risk of developing coronary heart disease can be reduce by following special diets which are designed to lower cholesterol in the blood.  High levels of bad cholesterol are often found in people who consume large amounts of certain oils and fats which are known as saturated fats.  Saturated fats are usually solid hard fats coming from animals.


To reduce the amount of fat, you will need to learn and find out which foods contain a lot of fat in it.  Sometimes you cannot even tell by merely looking.  Some fat can be seen as they are visible to the eyes but there are many foods with hidden fat spread through them which you cannot see.


Foods high in fat


Foods high in fat Foods less obviously fatty or with invisible fat
Butter Pastry
Margarine Cakes
Suet Biscuits
Lard Chocolates
Dripping Sauces
Cooking fats Salad creams
Cooking oils Nuts
Fat on meat Milk
Dried foods Cream


These are the types of foods that should be reduce especially for those who are overweight and lack regular exercises.  Sometimes we do need to eat a certain amount of fat to make our meals more appetizing and balanced.  It is still okay for those who lead very active lives to consume more fat however it is definitely not advisable for those who lead sedentary lives as they will not be able to use up all the energy provided by the fat.  Hence, it is better and safer to aim to eat less fat.


What is a low-fat diet?

  1. Consume more cereal foods and breads, preferably wholegrain

  2. Consume more fruits and vegetables of all kinds

  3. Stay away from fatty meat.  Instead choose white fish, chicken and lean meat.

  4. Avoid frying especially deep-frying as a lot of fat will be added to the food.  Replace by grilling on a wire rack where the excess fat can be drained off.

  5. Never spread thick butter or margarine on bread.  Substitute with a slimmers' low-fat spread instead.

  6. Use skimmed milk in cooking and for drinks as these type of milk already had the creamy "top of the milk" being skimmed off.  Skimmed milk can be purchased either in liquid or powdered form.

  7. Use cottage cheese as it has very low fat content in comparison with other types of cheese.  Among the harder cheeses, Edam is the one with lower fat content.

  8. Consume cream only as an occasional treat.  Preferably replace cream with yogurt, which is low in fat, in some recipes.

  9. Avoid cakes and puddings except for some odd occasions and consume fresh fruits instead.

  10. To make cakes, select recipes which has a fairly low fat content such as scones, tea-breads, yeast recipes or whisked sponges.  However make sure not to spread them with too much cream, butter or icing when they are cooked.

Suggested low-fat meals for one day


Breakfast Main meal Lighter meal
Fresh fruit juice Melon Lentil soup with bread buns
Wholemeal toast, spread thinly with low-fat spread Boiled potatoes Rice pudding made with skimmed milk
Marmalade Cauliflower Stewed apples
Smoked haddock Beef and vegetable casserole Salad
Coffee or tea with skimmed milk Sponge fruit flan Tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese

 Ideas for other low-fat meals

  • Onion, tomato or vegetable soups
  • Florida cocktail
  • Lean minced beef
  • Grilled beef burgers made with lean minced beef
  • Savoury beef and tomato, again made with lean minced beef
  • Chicken casserole
  • Chicken curries
  • Grilled white fish with lemon
  • Cottage cheese and pineapple salad
  • Vegetables of all kinds except fried or roast.  Do not add butter after cooking.
  • Salads
  • Whisked sponge cake
  • Swiss roll filled with jam and not cream
  • Scones
  • Fruit loaves
  • Tea breads
  • Bread
  • Yeast recipes
  • Fresh or stewed fruits
  • Fresh fruit salad

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