Eating For Health

The food that we consume can directly affect our feelings, appearance and health throughout our lives.  If we want to always feel lively and fit, slim and healthy and have good teeth and complexion, then we should seriously be careful in our choice of food.


Sometimes we may not realize the effects that our diet has on our feelings of well-being, mainly because the results are not visible immediately.  We could just be simply be consuming only sweets, biscuits or sticky cakes for one or two days and may not feel anything different.  However if we continue to exist on this type kind of diet for several months, in no time we will start feeling week and unhealthy and eventually our general appearance, hair, skin and teeth will start to suffer.


Heal with food


The right foods can heal you while the wrong foods can kill you.  Different healing foods can help our body in different ways.

  • Blood builders -Foods that are blood builders include nettle, beets, black cherries, green vegetables, sun chlorella and bee pollen.

  • Brain foods - Foods rich in phosphorus helps in nourishing the brain, nerves and glands.  Plant phosphorus are great for building the bones while phosphorus from higher-evolved animals are beneficial for the brain.  Phosphorus can be found in codfish roe and egg yolks.

  • Muscle foods - Foods high in protein are crucial for our muscle structure while foods containing fats with higher calories can help in providing heat in our body.

  • Energy foods - Foods packed full of vitamins and fiber are great energy boosters.  Energy foods includes whole-grain foods, fruit and vegetable juices, salmon, yogurt, some nuts such as peanuts, soy nuts and almonds, lentils, beans, seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Good nutrition


Natural foods that are whole and pure actually forms the basis of good and proper nutrition.  The number of calories we intake will not mean anything unless we consume a proper balanced meal.  Diets with insufficient protein, vitamins or minerals can cause us to fall ill.  We also need small amounts of fats for metabolism purposes.  If we do not consume a properly balanced meal containing varieties of nutrient rich foods on a long term basis, we can never achieve and maintain good health.


In many developed countries, a lot of people suffer from health problems which are closely associated with their diet.  These include anemia, obesity, constipation, decayed teeth and other related diseases.  More serious health problems also related to wrong diet include heart disease and high blood pressure.


Producers of food spend huge amounts of money on advertising, trying to sell and convince how good and healthy their products are.  It is no wonder that a lot of people end up being very confused and facing difficulties in selecting the right type of food.  Hence some simple guidelines are needed to help us to choose wisely. 


Sometimes just making a few minor changes in our diet can really make a world of difference in making us fitter and healthier.  The general recommendations regarding our diet are:

  1. We should eat less fat

  2. We should eat less sugar

  3. We should eat more fiber-rich foods

So how do you go about achieving these 3 recommendations?  If you are not sure, follow the recommendations below:

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