Diabetic Mini Turkey Melts Recipe

Enjoy this very quick, easy to make and healthy diabetic mini turkey melts recipe which is just great for breakfast or snacks and suitable as another variety of dish choices for those suffering from diabetes.




20 Triscuits

10 thin slices turkey breast, cut into halves

4 oz reduced-fat cheese (either cheddar, Lite, jack or Jarlsberg), shredded



  1. Put about 10 Triscuits in the pan of the toaster oven.

  2. Place half a slice of turkey breast on top of each Triscuit and fold over to fit.

  3. Spread cheese on top of the turkey then place the pan in the toaster oven to broil until cheese is melted nicely.

  4. Repeat the same steps for the remaining 10 Triscuits and the rest of the ingredients.

  5. Serve hot.

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