Cancer-fighting Recipes

Cancer is a very complicated illness and requires multiple approaches to achieve healing.  Drastic treatments of injecting toxic drugs to eliminate the cancer cells may not necessarily be successful and can bring with it a host of serious side effects.  In fact, sometimes a person can even up dying of toxic treatment rather than from the cancer itself. 


In fact, it will be wiser to tap into the wisdom of two worlds - the blending of traditional natural healing concepts and Western medicine.  One of the traditional healing concept is through correct diet which can help to determine the progression and direction of the body's healing process.


Cancer Diet


Cancer patients should try to stick to the following diet:

  • Eliminate meat and dairy products

  • Eliminate cooking oil, table salt and white sugar

  • Eliminate all canned, preserved or processed food

  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Eat more fruit juices

  • Eat more whole grains, seeds, nuts and cereals if possible in an unprocessed form.

If you do not know what to eat when you have cancer, these cancer-fighting recipes will further help to guide you on the right path towards the correct cancer diet.  They are easy to prepare, delicious yet healthy.


Easy Healthy Cancer-fighting Recipes

  1. Cancer-fighting ABC Soup Recipe

  2. Cancer-fighting Chinese-style Dessert Recipe

  3. Cancer-fighting Clear Fish Soup Recipe

  4. Cancer-fighting Dried Bean Curd Soup Recipe

  5. Cancer-fighting Fruity Oats Recipe

  6. Cancer-fighting Mixed Vegetables in Miso Recipe

  7. Cancer-fighting Onion Soup Recipe

  8. Cancer-fighting Pickled Fish Recipe

  9. Cancer-fighting Salad with Oriental-style Dressing Recipe

  10. Cancer-fighting Seaweed Miso Soup Recipe

  11. Cancer-fighting Spring Roll Recipe

  12. Cancer-fighting Steamed Broccoli with Toasted Garlic Recipe

  13. Cancer-fighting Steamed Pumpkin Recipe

  14. Cancer-fighting Stuffed Bean Curd Recipe

  15. Cancer-fighting Tangy Red Bean Soup Recipe


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